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Lynar Corporation



Lynar Corporation is a small, family owned manufacturer in Allentown, Pennsylvania with a focus on the machining of castings.

“We would have never met our goal of achieving ISO 9001:2015 certification without help from MRC.”

– Chad Lesko, Vice President of Operations



Since 1980, Lynar Corporation has met manufacturing customers’ most demanding requirements through its expertise in engineering, machining, milling, turning, and additional services. Lynar’s state-of-the-art CNC equipment operates 24 hours a day, 5 days a week from its 28,000 ft2 facility to service customers in the northeastern and Midwestern U.S. The company found itself needing to become ISO certified, as well, to better serve its customer base and expand its penetration within core markets.


Lynar turned to the Manufacturers Resource Center (MRC), who identified two possible consultants to aid in ISO implementation. Lynar evaluated the two MRC consultants (as well as one of their own) and selected a standards expert, WCH Professional Services, LLC.

“There were three individuals on our team—our plant manager, quality manager, and myself,” says Lynar’s Vice President of Operations, Chad Lesko. “WCH was very flexible with us.  We met weekly in the beginning of the project to craft policies that would enable us to comply with the standard.  From there we met with gradually less frequency as we became more self-sufficient and were able to do more on our own.”

In addition to introducing Lynar to the WCH consultant who ultimately spearheaded the project, Lesko says MRC also assisted with financing. By helping the company to secure training funds, MRC made it possible for Lynar to move the project forward without undue financial stress.

Lynar mobilized a capable, independent team that worked well with the consultant to produce excellent results.  The project kicked off in November 2015 with a goal of achieving certification in June 2016.  In addition, the WCH standards expert agreed with the Lynar team’s desire to pursue the new 2015 standard.

“Most consultants were trying to get us to go with the 2008 standard,” Lesko says.  “We wanted 2015, and the consultant was willing to put in the extra effort for it.  That was a big positive for us.”


  • Lynar became ISO certified in just seven months.
  • Increased understanding of key metrics and ways to monitor scrap and productivity.
  • Using metrics now to decrease scrap rates and to attain a 5% productivity increase.

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