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Rhetech is a reconditioner, modifier, and restorer of semitool equipment that is used in the cleaning and plating of wafers for the semiconductor industry. The company, founded in 1993, employs about 50 people in Coopersburg, Pennsylvania.

The company needs to maintain quality and keep costs competitive due to the target market it serves, the semiconductor industry. Rhetech asked MRC to conduct Lean training to every employee and to start the process by conducting a Value Stream Mapping (VSM) of their SRD (Spin, Rinse, and Dryer) production area to identify wastes and possible production improvements and utilize a Kaizen Event to document the potential savings.


MRC utilized the results of the VSM in the SRD production area. A day was spent reviewing the previous value stream to identify opportunities for improvements in a future state. The Kaizen Event identified possible waste elimination and productivity improvements, which resulted in a significant reduction in cycle time per unit in the SRD production area.


Cycle time for manufacturing a SRD was reduced approximately 5 hours per unit, about a 13% reduction in production time per unit, and a total cost savings of $225 per unit. The company is continuing to implement a Lean6® Transformation with MRC for their entire facility to multiply the results shown in the SRD area. Throughput was improved, so customer orders can be fulfilled more quickly.