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Sikorsky Concrete Products


Sikorsky Concrete Products provides premium ready-mixed concrete products and solutions within a 25- mile radius of its Palmerton, PA headquarters. The company was founded by Peter Sikorsky and serves the residential and commercial markets.

I’d be willing to bet that there are some businesses that are here right now that might not have been without MRC’s help. MRC can point you in the right direction. More than anything, they’re true to their name– they are truly a resource for manufacturers. They have the know-how to get things done and are the first place I call when I have a need.  … Peter Sikorsky, Owner

Sikorsky Concrete Products was faced with a bleak situation as a result of the recent recession. Orders dropped as construction slowed. Jobs that had once come in several times a week were just once every two months. And when a new project went up for bid, concrete manufacturers and suppliers competed for it largely on the basis of price- even as the cost of raw materials and fuel skyrocketed. The company needed to tap new markets and take advantage of fresh opportunities. Sikorsky met representatives of Manufacturers Resource Center (MRC) at an industry event. He learned that MRC, a nonprofit organization partially funded by the NIST MEP program and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s Department of Community and Economic Development, had the access, expertise and scope to help his organization.


Over the course of several projects, MRC focused on helping Sikorsky Concrete Products identify and market to strategic growth areas, while cutting overhead costs. In particular, MRC helped the company with: in-depth market opportunity research, which identified the need for Sikorsky to increase its “green” credentials and related marketing; creating a strategic plan focused on realistic short- and longterm goals essential to Sikorsky’s sustained viability in the marketplace; achieving LEED certification through the U.S. Green Building Council; obtaining funding for and installing 54 kW ground-mount solar array, generating enough electricity to power its entire operation; and launching the company’s first-ever website (


  •  Launched the company’s first website
  •  Increased number of prospective clients via web traffic
  •  Established a “Green” initiative for sustainable concrete products
  • Installed a ground-mount photovoltaic solar system that pays for itself
  • Developed new eco-friendly concrete mixtures using locally sourced materials
  • Recycled water and waste beyond what’s required by law