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Solar Technology


Solar Technology manufactures solar powered traffic control equipment and devices used in highway construction work zones for industrial and commercial applications. A new product line, called Agile Displays, is now available for the commercial market in portable and fixed message signs.

Solar Technology has worked with MRC over the last eight years on 30 projects. The two major projects were ISO 9001:2000 implementation and a plant layout for a new manufacturing facility. MRC helped the firm enter the promotional and special events market by assisting the client in the development of engineering plans and documents for marketing their new Agile Displays product line and to assist their clients in obtaining local municipality approvals.

Currently, the company is working to develop an enhanced product. MRC is assisting them through the Integrated Product Development Program (IPD) at Lehigh University.  Solar Technology’s’ product will be a solar powered unit that will have a continuous operational life.


A team of students including engineering, finance and marketing will produce a new design for a solar powered radar speed trailer that will meet the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT) requirements. The current product used by PENNDOT is battery operated with a minimal operational life. The IPD Team built the first prototype and developed an estimate of the market and sales potential for the company.

MRC brought in Steve Bailey of Operations Resources and Gary Delserro of Delserro Engineering Solutions to conduct the message sign and arrow panel sight tests in both daylight and night time conditions. The tests were done in accordance with the NTPEP testing criteria and submitted to Solar Technology in Report Number DES-06-304.


  • The IPD team produced a prototype of a radar speed monitor that would be competitive in Solar Technology’s marketplace.
  • Now, it is actively exporting to Canada, South and Central America, Europe, Australia and the Middle East.
  • It can support national and state security at a time when we need it most with innovative, cost-effective products that utilize solar power.