MRC - Manufacturers Resource Center


Weatherly Casting & Machine Co.


Weatherly Casting & Machine Co. is an iron and iron alloy foundry supplying the material handling and power generation industries, as well as pump and other durable good manufacturers. Since 1900, this Weatherly, Pennsylvania-based company has played an integral role in the evolution of industry throughout the United States.

““As a direct result of the MRC Kaizen event, we are able to spot process bottlenecks.  That has enabled a more prompt response; we can adjust demand on machines or enlist subcontractors as necessary. In turn, that helps us improve shop planning and improve flow through the department.” – Tony Badamo, P.E., Executive Vice President

An overall lack of organization in the company’s machine shop and shipping departments had begun to adversely impact Weatherly Casting’s ability to efficiently plan and manage workflow.  Specifically, Executive Vice President Tony Badamo recognized an immediate need to consolidate the five separate product input streams into one.


The Manufacturers Resource Center (MRC) delivered a Kaizen event aimed at improving general housekeeping and streamlining process inputs.  By organizing workflow to allow better visibility of incoming castings, MRC Senior Strategy Manager Mike Withka assisted Weatherly Casting in the elimination of process bottlenecks.  Moreover, the multi-company approach brought in representatives from other area companies to pool engineering resources and divide costs.


  • Weatherly Casting made a significant step toward their goal of 100% on-time delivery.
  • The Kaizen event improved department morale and enhanced day-to-day scheduling organization, with an estimated value of $30,000 in bottom-line revenue capture.
  • The company saved an additional $5,000 on overall project costs as a result of MRC’s multi-company approach.