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Supply Chain Analysis


MRC, through the Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) now gives manufacturers access to an innovative new strategic approach.

By following the roadmap that includes Bold Steps© and actionable Game Plans©, now manufacturers can increase alignment, visibility, and collaboration, resulting in reduced costs, increased quality and delivery, a skilled workforce, and compliant processes—ultimately achieving supply chain optimization.

Supply Chain Optimization Program Summary
Both manufacturers and their partners can realize measurable benefits through an MEP-led supply chain improvement plan.  The process is also appropriate for economic development representatives or other community leaders who may be interested in learning more about Supply Chain Optimization projects.  Building stronger manufacturers benefits local and regional economies and equips regions with the know-how they need to recruit new business or expand current industry.

Resource Tools

  • Leadership Overview – This half-day event, intended for manufacturing organization leaders, solidifies the importance of assessing the landscape for Supply Chain Optimization participation. It offers a brief summary of the benefits and the approach that this program offers.
  • Executive Engagement – Is a two-day event designed to help manufacturers strategize their supply chain optimization journey.
  • Partner Engagement – Partners and suppliers are pivotal in both navigating and executing the strategy as planned in the preceding tier.
  • Risk Management – Avoiding the obstacles within the manufacturing environment takes skill and strategy. This engagement provides an opportunity to devise an overall risk mitigation plan to address these concerns.
  • Total Cost of Ownership – The importance of calculating total cost for every activity in the supply stream cannot be overlooked. This session helps you sharpen the focus using a comprehensive software tool for determining the true total cost of ownership.