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Lead Generation


Most small and medium-sized manufacturers lack the resources—human, financial, and otherwise—to aggressively pursue new sales leads. They realize the need for a Lead Generation effort, but without a dedicated structure, too many sales opportunities are likely to pass them by.

MRC’s Lead Generation service is a proven, way to create just such a structure; in essence, it’s an effective way to do more with less.

Our Lead Generation engagements bring clarity to your message through a unique, Marketing Physics-based Value Proposition. As part of our initial work, MRC conducts an opportunity-scouting effort to identify those industries that not only fit your preferred end-use profiles, but also project healthy growth in the coming years.

Next, we work with you to assemble a list of Lead Generation contacts from among your most likely sales prospects and the new industries we’ve identified. MRC prescreens this list to identify the proper decision makers, then contacts each Lead Generation prospect to arrange sales appointments.

Most importantly, our team delivers on three points of direct outreach: a mix of personal emails, phone calls, and promotional letters, each of which are worded to capture the essence of your brand and your distinct Value Proposition.  The result is quality, qualified, real-time market opportunities.

You receive Lead Generation status updates that summarize the most important leads—those who need immediate follow up—and those with more general requirements. You will also know which leads are the most promising and exactly how to turn that interest into revenue.

On completion of the Lead Generation project, you will receive a CRM-friendly record of every call, along with a of our call-screened database to help you keep the conversation going through your own, ongoing Lead Generation work.

You can trust MRC’s Lead Generation services to deliver results. More than simply landing appointments with promising new customers—and we average more than 10 qualified leads for every 100 contacts—there are a number of additional reasons to believe in the lead generation process.

As proof of the level of satisfaction, consider the fact that as many as 60% of the clients we work with go on to request additional work or refer MRC to those in their extended networks.

What’s more, our Lead Generation program is recognized by leading banks, business owners, economic development experts, and university professors as being the most cost-effective way to jumpstart growth.