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Voice of the Customer


When businesses seek to grow top-line sales, the first step is to understand what the market needs and how to predict market trends.

The solution, it turns out, is very close by; it’s the Voice of the Customer.

Your customers know—perhaps even better than you do—how your business works.   Voice of the Customer projects deliver that knowledge, and those customers offer clear, accurate guidance to gauge market expectations and opportunities.

MRC’s Voice of the Customer surveys make gathering that knowledge as simple as picking up the phone.  Our process uses professionally scripted phone interviews to capture your customers’ perception of your business and identify potential areas of opportunity.

We custom-tailor the survey questions in each Voice of the Customer project to best reflect your concerns and interests, and because it’s proven that customers speak more freely with third parties, Voice of the Customer projects deliver an honest, objective portrait of your performance.

By giving you access to opinions from those who have real-world market information, Voice of the Customer initiatives also provide insight to guide new-product and service-development efforts.

Research shows it is much less expensive to grow sales with current customers than to find new ones, and Voice of the Customer surveys help you plant the seeds for inexpensive, organic growth.  That’s why smart businesses check the pulse of their customer base as often as possible.

And when the results are in, no one is better equipped than MRC to transform Voice of the Customer output into growth.  It’s our business to understand our clients’ clients, and as impartial manufacturing experts, our knowledge base is unsurpassed.

Much like our Lead Generation services, Voice of the Customer projects include real-time performance updates on satisfaction levels, competitive intelligence, new sales opportunities, future needs of former customers, and new product ideas.

Voice of Customer will give your business a competitive edge—forecast future opportunities, identify market expectations, increase customer retention, and win new business.