MRC - Manufacturers Resource Center


Action Planning


MRC’s Action Planning coaching services are expert-led sessions that establish a baseline and support a recommended path forward to improve team deliverables and business operation.  We begin by facilitating a business action planning session that includes interactive discussion and provides strategic management support.  We follow this up with off-site analysis to summarize results and provide an actionable summary to your business.  With the summary in hand, we deliver a focused action plan to support your strategic priorities.

Typically, our action planning deliverables include:

  • An information-gathering meeting with your internal staff to discuss your Value Proposition, budgetary goals, strengths and opportunities, and competitors
  • Action planning with all staff members to develop a top-level SWOT analysis based on sales and marketing and interaction with operations, human resources, finance, technology and new product development
  • Aligning the action plan and obtaining agreement on the action items
  • A strategic action plan focused on sales & marketing team deliverables to execute, monitor, and control progress toward strategic goals. The SWOT analysis will drive actionable deliverables for the team during the plan execution