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Engineering Scouting

MRC’s Engineering Scouting services effectively connect businesses with proven technologies to solve technical issues, create new products, and improve processes.  With a growing business need to shrink innovation cycles, retaining a competitive edge is an ever-increasing challenge that often means identifying and acquiring external technologies.
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Supplier Scouting

Manufacturers often struggle to find suppliers that meet specific criteria. Whether you are searching for a second supplier, or a new supplier to support a new product innovation, MRC can assist your supplier scouting efforts and effectively identify new vendors to support your business.
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ERP Selection & Implementation

Business Information systems—including Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Supply Chain Management (SCM), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)—can deliver tremendous value, but only if selected and implemented properly. MRC brings a proven methodology to the selection phase.  Selecting the wrong software vendor or package can cost you time, money and productivity, so this detailed, methodical approach creates a foundation that minimizes these implementation risks. Because we do not sell software (or partner with the vendors who do), MRC has the independence and objectivity necessary to give you clear, unbiased recommendations.
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