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Engineering Scouting


MRC’s Engineering Scouting services effectively connect businesses with proven technologies to solve technical issues, create new products, and improve processes.  With a growing business need to shrink innovation cycles, retaining a competitive edge is an ever-increasing challenge that often means identifying and acquiring external technologies.

Your next high-impact technology breakthrough could be at a university, national research lab, or another business here in the U.S. or abroad.  Through our relationships with other Manufacturing Extension Partnership (MEP) centers around Pennsylvania and across the country, MRC has access to national research labs and technology experts; in short, we have the network and market knowledge to help you find it.

Engineering Scouting is a combination of commercialization expertise, research excellence, and proven processes for roadmapping, technology scouting, and partnership development—applied and refined for your benefit.

Engineering Scouting supports you in every aspect of the technology scouting process, from developing an in-depth technology needs assessment, to identifying entities involved in researching or developing technologies in specific technical areas.

Our extensive technical, commercialization, and management experience uniquely positions MRC to support your engineering needs.  We are skilled at identifying promising early-stage technologies that create new business or market opportunities.

MRC, in partnership with the Research Triangle Institute’s (RTI) Technology Scouting Methodology, provides manufacturers::

  • Access to innovators and/or technologies in strategic areas of interest
  • Discovery of relevant technologies residing in universities, public and private research labs, startups, small-to-medium businesses, or large enterprises
  • Fit and qualification of the initial technology and its relevance to your needs

Engineering Scouting provides:

  • An established technology-scouting service that uses proven processes for evaluating technical innovations from many sources and assesses relevance to specific business needs
  • An independent, Open Innovation partner that helps you understand technology landscapes and find the innovations that fill your requirements
  • An innovation specialist with expertise in partnership formation, business development, finance, management, technology assessment, and commercialization
  • Access to MRC’s multidisciplinary experts, who understand the science behind new technologies in numerous fields and the business factors that impact product innovation in a wide variety of markets