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Supplier Scouting


Manufacturers often struggle to find suppliers that meet specific criteria. Whether you are searching for a second supplier, or a new supplier to support a new product innovation, MRC can assist your supplier scouting efforts and effectively identify new vendors to support your business.

Supplier Scouting is a combination of commercialization expertise, research excellence, and proven processes for road-mapping, technology scouting, and partnership development that have been applied and refined using Project Management principles.

Supplier Scouting can support your

  • Vendor Search
  • Technical Partner Search
  • New Material Search
  • Substitute for Obsolete Material Search


The Process

Supplier Scouting

Customized Service Provider
MRC has an established partnership with the Research Triangle Institute (RTI), a leading innovation resource to many Fortune 500 companies.  Based on proven Project Management fundamentals, RTI’s Technology Methodology uses tried-and-true processes and tools to provide you with:

  • Engineering and technical professionals to maximize the search for technology, partners or suppliers
  • Access to innovators and/or technologies in strategic areas of interest
  • Discovery of relevant technologies residing in universities, public and private research labs, start-ups, small-to-medium businesses, or large enterprises
  • Fit and qualification analysis of the initial technology and its relevance to your needs
  • Access to experts who will quickly understand and obtain the best solution