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Invention, Innovation & Successful Products


Date(s) - September 20th, 2018
8:30 am - 4:30 pm

Manufacturers Resource Center

Invention, Innovation & Successful Products

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September 20, 2018
8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Manufacturers Resource Center
Hanover Office Plaza
961 Marcon Boulevard, Suite 200
Allentown, PA 18109

New Product Business Development Concept. Man offers New Product Development Idea






Learn the process of designing and developing new product offerings centered on undiscovered customer needs and designing solutions with value-added differentiators. Participants will discuss and work through a strategic process, defining what jobs customers want to accomplish through in-depth mapping of each stage of the job process, and outlining structured approaches to messaging positioning and creating an effective launch.

Understanding Unmet Needs

–  Why Are You Creating a Product?
–  5 Myths About Customer Needs
–  You need to sift through sand for gold
–  Customers do not naturally share the metrics they use to measure success when getting a job done
–  Capturing customer needs using personal interviews, group interviews, ethnographic research,
anthropological research, and observational research.

Designing Customer-Driven Solutions

– What is job mapping and how does it provide a comprehensive framework to identify metrics customers use to
measure success in executing a task
– Learn ways to help customers understand their objectives
– Simplify the resource-planning process
–Reduce amount of planning needed

Messaging, Positioning & Creating an Effective Launch

–  Start early
–  Focus on people, not the product
–  Get opinion leaders on-board
–  Be revolutionary
–  Turn your launch into an event
–  Take pre-orders
–  Draw out the suspense
–  Plan, plan, plan

Cost:  $395/person

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Andrea Olson, Speaker, Author

Andrea Olson's picture

Andrea is the CEO of Prag’madik, an Operational Strategy Consultancy, and also the Director of the Midwest Manufacturing Business Coalition, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of mid-market manufacturing in the US

Andrea’s 20-year, field-tested background provides unique, applicable approaches to creating leaner, more effective, technology-driven, customer-facing operations. A 4-time ADDY® award-winner, she began her career at a tech startup, and led the strategic marketing efforts at two global industrial manufacturers.

The author of “No Disruptions: The New Future For Mid-Market Manufacturing,” Andrea Olson is inspiring and educating industrial business leaders on how to transform their outlook and approach to Marketing, Technology and Communications to operate more efficiently and increase profitability. “No Disruptions”, provides manufacturing leaders an easy, educational read on how to increase revenue generation through marketing, branding, and effective technology implementation.

In addition to writing, consulting and coaching, Andrea speaks to leaders and industry organizations around the world on operational strategies to discover new sources of revenues and savings. Contact Andrea to access information on her book, workshops, keynote speeches or consulting. More information is also available on and

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