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Date(s) - January 10th, 2023
10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Webinar - MRC Hosted

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Join MRC and Outpace, LLC for a complimentary webinar: Strategic Planning: Get a Grip on Your Business | Six Keys to Getting What You Want from Your Entrepreneurial Company.

Are you a business owner or a senior-level executive and want to see your business consistently run better and grow faster? Denise Haney will deliver a powerful, inspirational presentation that will introduce you to the Six Key Components™ of a successful business. At the conclusion of this complimentary webinar, you will walk away with a set of simple, practical tools that you and your leadership team will use immediately to focus on priorities, get clear on issues, and gain traction together, as a healthier leadership team.

Webinar Highlights

EOS logo During this interactive, online session, participants will look at their business through a different lens, receive valuable insights and practical tools that can be used in their business to get more done and gain more traction.

This actionable content is tailor made for busy leaders who are driven to improve their businesses and the quality of their lives. Attendees of this hands-on workshops will:

  • Understand the six keys to building a truly great organization
  • Roll up their sleeves and confront organizational issues head-on
  • Learn how to get everyone focused on achieving a clear company vision
  • Begin to instill discipline and accountability throughout the organization

Denise introduces a complete set of simple concepts and practical tools that entrepreneurial leadership teams can use to clarify, simplify and achieve their vision – the Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS)®.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is ideal for open-minded and growth-oriented business owners or senior-level executives open to learning a game changing way of operating their business and using simple tools to gain traction, achieve their goals, and build a strong team culture. Typical clients have a minimum of eight employees and revenues between $1M and $50M.

Even the most successful entrepreneurs occasionally find running a business more challenging than they expected. Many owners and business leaders work long hours and get less return on their investment of time and money than they would like. They often feel like instead of controlling the business, the business is controlling them.

Maybe you face one or more of these common frustrations:

  • Lack of control over time, markets, or your company.
  • People who don’t listen, understand, or follow through.
  • Profit that’s inconsistent and/or there’s not enough
  • Growth is happening, but you can’t break through to the next level.
  • Quick fixes that come and go, bringing little change with continued frustrations.

What New Information Will You Learn?

An Introduction to the EOS Model®

EOS model imageThe EOS Model, which will be introduced, is a visual illustration of the Six Key Components™ of any business that must be managed and strengthened to be a great organization. This model applies to privately held businesses in any industry.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System® helps leaders better prepare for obstacles and opportunities, solve issues at the root, and gain more traction in their companies.

The Entrepreneurial Operating System (EOS) is designed to help owners, leaders, and managers of entrepreneurial companies address common frustrations to run their businesses more efficiently and effectively, experience more consistent growth — and have more fun!


Receive a complimentary copy of Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business by Gino Wickman to take your learning even further.

traction book cover imageTRACTION introduces the Entrepreneurial Operating System, a simple yet powerful way to run your company that will give you and your leadership team more focus, growth, and enjoyment.

“This book is a must for any business owner and their leadership team. Traction provides a powerful, practical, and simple system for running your business.”  –DAN SULLIVAN, President and Founder, The Strategic Coach

NOTE: In order to receive a complimentary copy of the book, you must provide your mailing address upon registration. This information is not mandatory to register for the webinar.


Questions? Contact Nicole Pierce at (484) 655-4873 or

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Presented by | Denise Haney | Professional EOS Implementer

Denise Haney EOS headshotDenise is an experienced entrepreneur and business coach with a passion for helping leaders learn how to run their businesses more efficiently, build healthy teams, drive growth, and live a balanced life.

Using the EOS Process® and tools, she helps the leadership teams of small to mid-sized companies clarify their vision, become more disciplined and accountable, and create healthy and cohesive teams so they can scale more easily.


About Outpace, LLC 

Outpace is not your typical business consulting firm. We do not presume to know your business better than you do; instead, we work collaboratively with you and your team, teaching you to think differently, challenge each other and discover your best answers through a series of tactical and strategic sessions.

Together, we roll up our sleeves and create a clear and compelling vision, organizational alignment, and accountability using a proven process to help you reach your goals. We celebrate when you reach the end of our engagement and have confidently mastered the tools to achieve continued growth without us.

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