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Supervisor Boot Camp


Date(s) - February 21st, 2020
8:00 am - 12:00 pm

Manufacturers Resource Center

Supervisor Boot Camp (Class is filled) 

Co-sponsored by
Manufacturers Resource Center
Lehigh Carbon Community College


February 21, 2020| February 28, 2020 | March 6, 2020 | March 13, 2020
Friday Morning Sessions: 8:00 a.m. – Noon


Manufacturers Resource Center
7200 Windsor Drive
Allentown, PA 18106

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       Your Role as a Supervisor

Learn the difference between “leading and bossing.”  How do you develop self-confidence to be the best at leading that you can be? Learn about the different behavior styles and why you affect people the way that you do and how their style affects you. Learn their natural communication strengths and limitations.  Learn how to adapt your own style to maximize effective communication and productivity.  Training will help you develop self-confidence and to look at common supervisor mistakes and how to avoid them.  You will also learn about establishing credibility.

Becoming an Effective Listener

Listening is a key ingredient to becoming a good leader. Learn the barriers to listening, the listening process, characteristics of a skilled listener, how to become a skilled listener with active listening and non-verbal listening skills.

       Praise, Criticism and Coaching

Learn how to motivate employees using the positive techniques of communication, coaching, feedback and evaluation.

Problem Solving and Decision Making

How much attention a problem deserves depends upon how serious that problem is.  Learn ways to approach problem solving using observations, critical thinking and flexibility.

        Conflict Management

Learn how to counter negative acts with a positive approach to discipline.   Learn techniques to help you to manage any conflict situation: Training will provide a reference point to enable you to deal with conflicts in a clear, rational, assertive, and non-aggressive manner.


High performing teams go through several distinct stages. Recognizing them will enable leaders to develop “must do” strategies to increase effectiveness. Learn the important differences between a team and just a work group—and the reasons why a team gets better results. Learn how to bring people together to build team spirit.

       Time Management

Learn how to manage multiple priorities as well as effective planning and organization skills.  Learn time management skills, tools and tips that will help you manage your time, achieve more and be more effective.

Managing Change

If you force change on people problems arise. Learn the skills needed to be a “change agent”.  Change needs to be understood and managed in a way that people can cope effectively with it. Change can be unsettling, so the manager logically needs to be a settling influence.

Cost: $495/person

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