Automation Onboarding

Automation onboarding involves introducing and integrating automation technologies into an organization’s systems or processes.

AMT Automation Onboarding

MRC ensures a seamless onboarding process for automation by incorporating comprehensive support, personalized guidance, and additional elements crucial for success. In the initial phase, MRC collaborates closely with you to understand your business processes, objectives, and challenges. Together, a customized plan for integrating automation is developed. This plan not only encompasses the technical aspects but also includes a training component to ensure that your team is well-equipped to embrace and utilize the new automated systems effectively.

During the implementation phase, MRC provides hands-on assistance, guiding you through the setup and configuration of automated systems. We emphasize training sessions to empower your team with the necessary skills and knowledge. As the onboarding progresses, MRC remains attentive to performance metrics, actively monitoring the impact of automation on your processes. If any issues or inefficiencies arise, they work closely with you to identify and implement real-time adjustments, demonstrating a commitment to ongoing support.

Moreover, MRC recognizes that change management is integral to successful automation onboarding. They actively engage in change management strategies, helping your team adapt to the new technological landscape. This includes addressing concerns, fostering a positive attitude toward the changes, and ensuring a smooth transition. Post-implementation, MRC continues to provide ongoing support, including regular check-ins, additional training sessions, and fine-tuning as needed. By integrating training, ongoing support, and change management into the onboarding process, MRC ensures not only a smooth transition to automation but also long-term success in maximizing the benefits of automated processes for your business.

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MRC provides far more than certifications and funding assistance. We offer job creators access to specialized coaching, mentorship and a variety of business and marketing assistance normally outside the reach of most manufacturers.


No matter what’s happening with your business, MRC has probably seen it. We know the problems that keep CEOs up at night, and we know how to help solve them. Our staff has more than 100 years of combined experience working side-by-side with business owners to evaluate, strategize, discover and implement solutions that address both strategic growth needs and organizational transformation.

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MRC breaks down the barriers that prohibit manufacturers from realizing their full potential. Our proven tactics and methods can help nearly any company at nearly any stage of its evolution. Whatever the hurdle – going green, becoming lean, entering new markets, rebranding the company – MRC can help you clear it.

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Developing Future Workforce with programs like: What’s So Cool About Manufacturing®, PA Dream Team, the Inside Manufacturing Series, and Manufacturing Day.


Through our partnerships, we are able to bring the horsepower of the best-in-breed experts to you. Imagine having access to the second-largest technology institute in the world, a corps of ex-Toyota executives trained under the best Lean practitioners in the world or world-renowned business strategy groups. MRC makes it possible.

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For over 30 years, Manufacturers Resource Center (MRC) has helped small and mid-sized manufacturers become more competitive, adopt lean and agile processes, strategically grow their companies and invest more effectively in their existing human capital.

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