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Diane Lewis


Diane, VP Manufacturing Solutions & Center Operations, assists in the daily growth, development and sustainability of the firm while managing the needs of manufacturing clients.

As Vice President of Manufacturing Solutions, Diane brings MRC clients her expertise and guidance in federal and state resources, grants, and educational programs.  Diane routinely meets with clients, offering advice and finding solutions to help them grow locally to compete globally.

Prior to joining MRC in 1989, Diane operated a small retail business in Allentown. There she gained hands-on knowledge of what it takes for small businesses to stay competitive.  The strengths she developed as a small business owner helped MRC during the early days of its formation.  She drew on that experience to become an asset for leadership and the building of success at MRC.

For over 30 years, Diane has been helping manufacturers in the Greater Lehigh Valley to identify and address the complex challenges they face in an increasingly competitive marketplace.   She leads MRC’s team of regional directors, who meet with manufacturers to listen to their needs, help with current issues, develop strategies, adopt new technologies, and train their workforce.  She was instrumental in developing and launching many of the services and training programs that we currently offer

She holds a BA in Business Management and a BS in Marketing from DeSales University. She was recognized at a national NIST MEP Conference for her personal achievements and special efforts in working with manufacturers

Diane Lewis - VP Manufacturing Solutions & Center Operations - MRC