MRC - Manufacturers Resource Center



  • “With MRC's expertise, we were able to implement training, involve all levels of employees and see the results of our efforts quickly. We continue to rely on the MRC for training and empowering our employees.”

    — Ken Kratz, Vice President, Bracalente Manufacturing Company

  • “What surprised me the most was the level of creativity, pure scientific knowledge and skill that MRC helped make happen.”

    — Bill Wydra Jr., President, Ashland Technologies

  • “MRC really spent a great deal of time with us to understand our business and help us with the vision and tools to turn our business around.”

    — Jeffery Schucker, President, Bailey Wood Products

  • “Technologically, MRC gives companies the assets they need to stay in business and pursue other avenues.”

    — Ray Harries, President, Bally Ribbon Mills

  • “The website MRC helped us create has been the catalyst for double-digit revenue growth from the previous year.”

    — Ray Biery, Managing Partner, ProtoCAM

  • “I believe if more firms knew about the assistance available, Pennsylvania would entice more businesses to stay and grow here.”

    — Byron Zerphy, President, Solar Technology

  • “MRC really levels the playing field between us and larger companies that have more funds and staff.”

    — John Bungert, President, S&L Plastics

  • “The MRC name really fits – they truly are a resource for your manufacturing company.”

    — John Bungert, President, S&L Plastics

  • “We continue to rely on the MRC to help transform our company to improve our operation for long-term growth and profitability.”

    — Don Smullen, Director of Operations, Rhetech

  • “Thanks to MRC, we're now moving forward with efforts to grow our top line.”

    — Dick Bashore, President, Reading Electric