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ISO Certification


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MRC’s ISO Certification gives participants insight into the content and spirit of the new ISO 9001:2015 standard.  Participants learn what to anticipate in the new standard and the changes that may be required for conformity. 

Session content includes:  1.) An overview of when the standard will become reality, 2.) strategies for setting the foundation for compliance, and 3.) appropriate Quality Management procedures to align with organizational vision, mission, and objectives.

Attendees will also gain insight to the 1.) specifics of the new requirements, 2.) the transition period to anticipate after standard release, 3.) the elements that are the same/different/new between 2015 and existing standards,

MRC’s ISO Certification program helps attendees understand how to determine the scope of the Quality Management System, organizational concepts and context, and how to balance the needs and expectations of interested parties.

In particular, we will examine language changes from documents and records to documented information, and the implications of this change.  We also examine risk-based thinking requirements and the interaction with corrective action and preventive action.

New requirements for top management leadership and staff awareness/competence, and internal audit and certification audit implications are further areas of study.

Who should attend:

  • Owners
  • Presidents
  • ISO internal auditors
  • QC managers
  • Operations managers
  • Plant managers
  • and those in similar roles

Internal Auditor Training:
For internal auditors, MRC also offers its Internal Auditor Training.

Session content includes:  Attendees will learn from MRC experts who have trained more than 500 companies, gaining an introduction to internal quality auditing, fundamentals of auditing, understanding the quality standard, preparation planning, audit performance, and reporting results.

The course includes 14 practical exercises to reinforce internal auditing concepts; participants will learn the concepts and immediately put them into practice through a hands-on exercise.

With on-site training available, you will gain an understanding of the auditing process requirements without travel or additional expenses, and for approximately one-half the price of comparable courses.

Who should attend:

  • CEOs
  • senior and middle management
  • production control/materials
  • quality, buyers/planners
  • engineering
  • shop floor supervisors
  • and production employees