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Lean Master Certification


View the Lean Master Certification Training ScheduleMRC’s Lean Master Certification Program model emphasizes Strategic Lean transformation through cultural engagement.

The Lean Master Certification Program helps prepare your team to manage your organization’s Lean journey.

Our program focuses on change-agent skills by developing personal relationship, system design, and strategy deployment competencies.

The Lean Master Certification Program includes:

  • Hands-on classroom instruction
  • Onsite practical application of Lean tools
  • Training from nationally recognized experts and local practitioners
  • One-on-one coaching for certification projects


Lean Master Certification includes the following four modules:

  • Building Process Stability – comprised of a Lean Enterprise Overview, Defining the Current State, Creating and Training Standard Work, 5S Workplace Organization, and Communication
  • Building Lean Culture includes instruction on Emotional Intelligence, Interpersonal Skills, Coaching Skills (Kata), Team Building, and Change Management
  • Lean Management Systems – with Leadership Standard Work, Visual Displays, Process Checks, and Gemba Walk lessons
  • Structured Problem Solving – with instruction on “Plan, Do, Check, Act” (PDCA), A3, Kaizen Breakthrough Events, and Kata Improvements


MRC’s Lean Master training also includes discussions and coaching of Advanced Lean Tools such as Total Predictive Maintenance (TPM), Setup Reduction, Flow Tools (Cell/Pull), and Hoshin/Policy Deployment.

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