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Lean Master Certification


MRC Offers Two Levels of Lean Certification 

Foundations of Lean Certification
This program features blended‐learning through a mix of classroom instruction and hands‐on experimentation in MRC’s Lean Enterprise Works (LEW) factory simulation. Upon completion of all course work and a passing grade in a Body of Knowledge Test, participants are “Foundations of Lean” certified by MRC

As the foundation of a Lean Enterprise, standardization sets expectations for process performance and provides the basis for problem‐solving and continuous improvement. In Foundations of Lean Certification, participants will learn how to:

    • Evaluate manufacturing processes to identify waste elimination opportunities
    • Create standards to reduce process instability
    • Generate one‐way Job Methods to improve process consistency
    • Create Job Breakdowns to standardize Job Instruction
    • Install process checks to sustain process performance

Upon completion of all course work and a passing grade in a Body of Knowledge Test,
participants are “Foundations of Lean” certified by MRC.

Recommended for: CI Specialists, Supervisors, Operators, Technicians, Support Staff, Office Staff

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Lean Master Certification 
A Lean Enterprise is more than a collection of improvement tools, a Lean Enterprise aligns an organization’s purpose with its people and its processes. In Lean Master Certification, participants will learn how:

    • Value streams cut across organizational silos to deliver value to customers
    • Value stream mapping can help visualize improvement opportunities
    • The Scientific Method of Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) can proactively and reactively eliminate the root cause of problems
    • Lean Daily Management Systems can share performance information and prioritize improvement work at all levels
    • Managers can effectively manage conflict associated with change

Lean Master Certification is delivered by MRC and Mike Hoseus, former Toyota Vice President. The program features blended learning through a mix of classroom instruction, instructor‐led exercises at host companies, and one‐on‐one coaching for each participant.

MRC’s Lean Master Certification is earned through the successful completion of a Standardization or PDCA project.

Recommended for: CI Managers, Managers and Engineers

Lean Program Brochure 2021-2022View/Download

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