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Root Cause Analysis for Maintenance


MRC’s Root Cause Analysis for Maintenance is a two-day course taught by Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (CMRPs), and all sessions are held on-site with local manufacturers to enhance learning with real-life examples.  This workshop stresses hands-on exercises and teamwork in order to improve equipment effectiveness, and participants become part of a maintenance professionals’ peer group to encourage networking and the sharing of best practices.

Root Cause Analysis for Maintenance – Are you fixing the root cause of your equipment failures, or just correcting symptoms … only to have the same problem come back again and again?

Executing permanent corrective actions on equipment failures is the pathway from reactive to proactive maintenance and true reliability excellence.

Root cause analysis is a suite of many useful tools, but it takes more than learning what the tools are to make you successful.  Our workshop will facilitate actual root cause analyses with your people on your processes and equipment, using the most appropriate tools.

About the Instructor
Larry Bouvier, CMRP is a Senior Project Manager with Fuss & O’Neill Manufacturing Solutions.  Larry brings decades of experience in heavy industrial maintenance for the steelmaking, foundry, machining, plating, and flexographic printing industries.  He has helped clients achieve World Class Maintenance by leading and developing maintenance organizations, establishing maintenance best practices, and improving processes and equipment reliability.

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