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Leading from the Middle is challenging.  Middle Managers need to meet the demands from above while providing resources to those below.  Their boss has goals for them, their direct reports have questions, and they are constantly getting pulled in two directions.  They want to become better leaders and advance, but they need new skills in order to do that effectively.  MRC’s Manager Essentials program was developed to give these leaders the tools they need to be successful.

Providing the perfect blend of classroom training and practical application via simulation, MRC’s Manager Essentials delivers a leadership learning experience for mid-level managers unlike any other. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of their own management style and how it impacts their ability to communicate, delegate, and lead others using the Everything DiSC Management Profile.

During hands-on practice sessions in a simulated manufacturing environment, learners will be provided the opportunity to lead teams through challenges such as production delays, material shortages, quality issues, performance problems, and departmental conflicts.

By learning how to adapt to the needs of those they both manage and report to, these important leaders will return to their organizations well-equipped to effect positive change.


Course Highlights

  • Promoting Accountability
  • Resolving Interpersonal Conflict
  • Refining Emotional Intelligence
  • Communicating More Effectively
  • Connecting Across Differences / Everything DiSC Management Profile
  • Managing Up
  • Shaping the Company Culture
  • Building Trust and Leading Former Peers
  • Coaching and the Art of Talent Development
  • Motivating and Understanding Unspoken Needs

Who Should Attend

Plant Managers, Operations Managers, Production Managers, and Manufacturing Department Managers (Quality, Safety, Shipping, Maintenance, etc.)

Instructor | Wendy Beltzner | MRC – Director, Leadership Development and Training Strategy

Wendy Beltzner - Director, Leadership Development and Training Strategy MRC

Wendy has over 25 years of experience in training and curriculum development, specializing in leadership and customer service with companies from all industries throughout Northampton, Lehigh, and Carbon counties.  She has previously worked for Fortune 500 service giants such as IBM and Manpower Inc., advancing her career from entry-level through various levels of management.  Wendy is also an entrepreneur.  She created, owned, and operated the Lehigh Valley’s first children’s museum designed with an emphasis on soft skills education.  She has also co-owned an award-winning, ice cream retail and wholesale business with her husband for the last 30 years.  Wendy earned her B.S. degree in Marketing from Oral Roberts University, is a Certified TWI (Training Within Industry) Job Instruction Trainer, and a Certified Everything DiSC Practitioner.