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MRC’s Lean experts deliver practical assistance to help your business realize the benefits of 5S Workplace Organization:

  • Mitigating the effects of workplace disorganization
  • Performing workplace scans
  • The basics of:
    – Sort – When in doubt, move it out! (Red Tag technique)
    – Set in Order – A place for everything, and everything in its place
    – Shine – Clean and inspect or inspect through cleaning
    – Standardize – Develop, follow, and enforce the rules
    – Sustain – Part of daily work, and it becomes a habit

A problem-solving culture requires processes that behave in predicable ways.  5S sets the requirements for process outputs, as well as process inputs of skill, method, material, machine, measurement and environment.

Within the environment requirements, 5S creates standards documentation for workspace organization.  Just as speed bumps in a road can slow vehicle travel, a disorganized workspace can create excessive motion that slows down enterprise processes.

5S Workplace Organization also addresses employee ergonomic and safety issues using any enterprise process.  This methodology seeks to create a safe, clean workplace arrangement and to create a visual method for maintaining workplace organization.