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LEAN Leadership Culture


View Training ScheduleMany companies embarking on Lean journeys soon become frustrated with Kaizen events and isolated improvement projects that yield great short-term results but lack the ability to deliver sustainable improvement.

Implementing a Lean Leadership Culture is a matter of building organizational capability by focusing on three key relationships:

  • Team member-to-team member
  • Supervisor-to-team member
  • Company-to-team member


MRC’s Lean Leadership Culture implementation consists of the following:

  • Managing personnel from recruitment through retirement (identifying and improving the “people” value stream by standardizing the way team members are recruited, on-boarded, trained, and managed throughout their careers).
  • Creating a problem-solving culture, which entails a focus on what a company is trying to accomplish by establishing True North, the organization’s mission.  With that accomplished, we can establish cascading Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that tell us if we have reached True North and populate through the organization so everyone knows what is important.
  • Leadership Standard Work, implemented so that those pursuing these goals know how to manage their team members in order to help them develop and grow as employees.


This implementation process also helps your organization “bring to life” the values and guiding principles found in most mission statements. We do this by explaining the steps/actions to consider while using problem-solving processes in daily activities (e.g. communication, buy-in, engagement, purpose, customer satisfaction, and more).