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Maintenance Excellence


View Training ScheduleIf you are a newly hired maintenance manager in need of a plan forward, or a seasoned maintenance expert looking to optimize your crew’s operation, MRC’s Maintenance Excellence program is for you.  Participants will learn how to assemble a step-by-step plan to take equipment reliability to the next level.

The Maintenance Excellence workshop is ideal for any organization that is no longer content to go from breakdown to breakdown with no hope of escaping the cycle.

Participants will learn to:

  • Better measure return from their Preventive Maintenance (PM) efforts
  • Perform more condition-based PM
  • Identify and eliminate any waste in the maintenance process
  • Plan maintenance more effectively
  • Determine what maintenance skills are needed in their facility
  • Create a specific training plan for maintenance technicians
  • Use maintenance history to improve equipment
  • Leverage the latest predictive tools to reduce energy costs


During the workshop, MRC will introduce you to a maintenance measurement system intended to aid in the development of a step-by-step plan to move your maintenance efforts forward in measurable ways.  This plan will help to identify the cause of equipment failures, learn the six major equipment-related losses, and understand how to implement the plan.

The implementation of this system enables businesses to work from a solid step-by-step plan to optimize equipment reliability.  The MRC course will aid in the development of a vision and plan, using tools such as: Total Productive Maintenance (TPM); maintenance mapping; equipment condition coding; skills matrices; preventative & predictive maintenance; planning & scheduling; Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE); and other useful metrics to help you stay on track.

About the Instructor
Larry Bouvier, CMRP, CLS has more than 25 years experience in coaching and training peers and clients in engineering & maintenance management.  He has been instrumental in helping clients achieve World Class Maintenance by leading and developing maintenance organizations, establishing maintenance best practices, and improving processes and equipment reliability. Larry possesses excellent leadership, organizational and hands-on skills and has done maintenance organization building, shop floor and classroom training in TPM, RCM, maintenance excellence, maintenance skills and productivity improvements.