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Setup Reduction


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Every day, businesses large and small lose tremendous amounts of productivity to poorly coordinated process setups that add waste to value streams.  Setup is the time required to change the production process from the last good product produced to the first good new product produced.  Long setup times often go unnoticed, affecting overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), as they are not typically viewed as part of a primary process to build products.

MRC’s Setup Reduction consulting services deliver valuable and easy-to-implement methods for minimizing this source of loss.  It is not uncommon for those engaging MRC’s Lean experts to achieve 50% reductions in process changeover time. We base our deliverables on Shingo’s Single-Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) philosophy, enabling clients to realize meaningful, measurable benefits:

  • Increase process capacity (more machine time means more output)
  • Increase process flexibility (more machine time means more scheduled setups)
  • Reduce lead time (more setups and smaller production runs  (batches) mean faster delivery
  • Improve quality (smaller batches mean improved defect detection)


Anticipated Outcomes:

    • Use Setup Reduction to increase company scheduling flexibility, enhance employee skillsets, and identify quality opportunities
    • Optimize OEE through Setup Reduction
    • Use Root Cause Analysis (RCA) to resolve chronic process issues
    • Implement “external” versus “internal” setup tasks
    • Create standard work to ensure process consistency