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Total Preventive Maintenance


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Manufacturing and service organizations use various types of equipment to add value to material and information in the creation of products or services.   When equipment performance is unpredictable, the ability for that process to achieve stability is diminished.  And when a process is unstable, it becomes difficult to implement improvements and proactively solve problems.

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) is a way to apply Lean thinking to your equipment in a way that strengthens the connections between your people and processes.

MRC’s Lean experts guide you through the process of improving equipment in order to maximize production system effectiveness (as determined by the balance of productivity, cost, throughput, and quality).

Anticipated Outcomes:

  • Establish standards and implement improvements that eliminate the causes of equipment instability
  • Maximize the effectiveness of equipment resources for their respective life cycles through preventive, predictive, and self-directed maintenance programs
  • Create an environment that encourages all team members to drive improvement efforts in safety, quality, and performance
  • Track the health of the entire process by optimizing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)