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Value Stream Mapping


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In their book, Lean Enterprise, Jim Womack and Daniel Jones established a set of principles necessary to transform traditional enterprise systems into Lean enterprise systems.

Historically, manufacturing and service organizations using these principles focus exclusively on isolated, point-solution improvements; that is, they ignore principles 1 and 2.

  • Principle 1:  Define value
  • Principle 2:  Identify the value stream
  • Principle 3:  Create flow
  • Principle 4:  Pull to customer demand
  • Principle 5:  Pursue perfection


John Schook, formerly of Toyota and currently of Lean Enterprise Institute, encourages organizations to re-examine these missing principles.  Using the techniques outlined in his book Learning to See, MRC delivers Value Stream Mapping (VSM) services based on creating Value Stream Maps.

Anticipated Outcomes:

  • “See the flow” of your Value Stream (including wastes)
  • View all products from a system perspective
  • Illustrate material and information flows to define your current state
  • Create a future state design to serve as a blueprint for Lean Transformation
  • Prioritize point-solution activities needed to achieve the future state


With MRC’s assistance, manufacturers use these powerful tools to map the flow of products and services in order to “pull” appropriate waste-elimination tools into problem-solving and continuous improvement.