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NIST MEP funded this new report available for download, Examining the Quality, Market Value, and Effectiveness of Manufacturing Credentials in the United States, researched and produced by – Finding energy efficient products made in the U.S. is easy with the Building Clean website.  Building Clean can help anyone from homeowners to contractors identify U.S. made energy and water saving products for their new construction or home improvement projects. the site also serves as a resource for businesses looking to identify supply chain, manufacturing and market opportunities and patterns in energy efficient product sectors.

3D Printing: Transforming the Industrial World
(courtesy of Industry Week)

The State of Manufacturing Technology (includes cloud solutions)
(courtesy of PLEX)

Building a Better Tomorrow with ERP
How Digital Transformation Can Help Your Manufacturing Business Grow
Courtesy of Industry Week (IW) and EPICOR

The Factory of the Future
Courtesy of Industry Week (IW) and EPICOR