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Apollo Metals


Apollo Metals, Ltd. located in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania employs nearly 125 people to produce chrome, nickel, brass, and copper plated steel, among a variety of pre-polished and non-ferrous metals.

These metals have applications for a broad range of mass-produced products, including appliances, automotive components, lighting fixtures, giftware, decorative hardware, and product trim.  

Due to customer complaints regarding the stretch wrapping of its products and product sweat in transit, the MRC Lean6 Team conducted a Kaizen Event with Apollo Metals in the packaging area.


The Kaizen process identified the need to replace the manual, shrink wrapping process with an automated, inline stretch wrapping machine to allow the operator to index the coil onto the stretch wrap machine and release from the stretch wrap after it is wrapped. As a result of improving the quality of their packaging process, the company has not received any claims for cargo sweat.


The company anticipates material and labor savings of approximately $33,000 annually as a result of this Kaizen Event. They have not received any customer complaints since they changed from the manual, shrink wrapping process to the automated, stretch wrapping, inline process.