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Compass Wire Cloth


Compass Wire Cloth, based in Vineland, New Jersey, is an industry leader in the production of wire mesh screens and high-performance edged screen products..


“Finding material alternatives was a priority, but we needed assistance to thoroughly investigate the best options and find new ones. We have tested several of the solutions found and have developed one of them into a really promising new product line.”

Michael McGrath, Founder,
Compass Wire Cloth


Compass had identified an excellent opportunity for growth into a different market space. However, they needed to find new low-cost scrim and scrim-adhesive systems that could offer the performance required for the new sector applications, as well as their existing applications. Because of their performance requirements, the firm had very specific parameters.

Technology Scouting Solution

Based on Compass’s needs, Manufacturers Resource Center first researched key fiber, textile and adhesive manufacturers and conducted industry interviews to identify candidate materials. From the data, they created an easy-to-read technology evaluation matrix that compared a dozen materials with compatible adhesive options. Finally, they down-selected the most suitable partners, developed a profile for each, and recommended next steps for the firm. With the information they received from MRC, Compass was able to make a number of smart moves.


  • Evaluated and compared over six new scrim-adhesive systems.
  • Confirmed their current solution as the top-performing material available.
  • Developed a new non-woven screen edging system.
  • Began launching a new product into a high growth energy market.