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Kitchen Magic


Based in Nazareth, Pennsylvania, Kitchen Magic is the leader in kitchen remodeling, serving an eight-state area in the northeastern U.S. The company was founded in 1979 by Jost and Reine Fleck and specializes in kitchen cabinet refacing. Kitchen Magic’s team of experts has designed, manufactured, and transformed more than 50,000 kitchens over the last 40 years; award-winning options include cabinet refacing, new cabinetry and countertops, while complementary in-home consultations enable homeowners to view quality products in their own home.

“Managers can’t solve all the problems; you must have everyone working from the ground up.”
– James Mayers, Assistant Vice President of Operations

Kitchen Magic sought to create a standard work-based manufacturing model. In this way, the company hoped to streamline employee training, leverage innovative problem-solving methods, and implement Lean and Toyota culture to create a team of problem-solvers.  To this end, the company turned to MRC for Lean Implementation/Lean Master Certification, Problem Solving Training, Toyota Culture, and Customer Service training.


In addition to completing a Lean Implementation program, Kitchen Magic’s Assistant Vice President of Operations, James Mayers, and Assistant General Manager Bradley Stepp both recently graduated from MRC’s Lean Master Certification program.  Over the course of several months, Mayers says they gained an in-depth understanding of Lean methodology while building a library of problem-solving resources. Perhaps more importantly, they gained the ability to coach other teammates in the future, learning Lean methodology while putting it into real-world practice.

Lean Culture training with Mike Hoseus, meanwhile, led to the creation of visual boards to communicate daily management routines and provide a visual reminder of KPIs. “Hosting the class here was great,” Mayers says. “The whole class used our business model as the basis for teaching of Lean Daily Management.”

Kitchen Magic CEO Brett Bacho is also a two-year participant in MRC’s CEO Forum, which connects business leaders in order to facilitate the sharing of best practices and relationship building.


  • Training and coaching services provided by MRC created more than $75,000 in savings.
  • Defined a standard training schedule for new hires to clarify responsibilities resulting in more efficient onboarding.
  • Lean-based time studies and A3 problem solving reduced cycle count rate errors and reduced missing plywood sheets from 72 sheets down to just 4 over a month.
  • Learned Lean methodology while putting it into real-world practice.
  • Gained ability to coach other teammates in the future.

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