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MRC’s Supervisor Training is the ultimate solution for today’s rapidly changing workplace!

Supervisor TrainingOur Supervisor Training program, delivered at your location, is designed to help develop your supervisors into leaders who can effectively manage and motivate a diverse workforce. This comprehensive program offers essential professional development modules, allowing you to customize a training solution that is tailored for your organization. All modules are designed to provide your supervisors with practical, relevant, and easy-to-apply skills that can be immediately implemented in the workplace.

With a focus on leadership development, our Supervisor Training program equips participants with the tools they need to lead with confidence and efficiency. Through a combination of classroom training and experiential activities, participants will learn critical skills such as active listening, coaching, team building, conflict management, and much more.

The program also includes Everything DiSC Workplace, which equips participants with techniques to improve self-awareness and awareness of others, enhancing their effectiveness and contribution to a positive workplace culture. Everything DiSC delivers personalized insights built around an easy-to-understand model, helping participants build key social and emotional skills, improving workplace satisfaction, results, and relationships.

Here’s a look into our 19 modules. We’ll help you choose which modules are best suited for your organization for your customized Supervisor Training Solution.

Module 1: The Role of the Leader
In this session, participants will define leadership, learn the difference between authority and power, and explore how to build credibility as we closely examine the eight characteristics of a servant leader.

Modules 2 & 3: Everything DiSC Workplace
Everything DiSC provides participants with techniques to improve self-awareness and awareness of others, contributing to a positive workplace culture. By delivering personalized insights built around an easy-to-understand model, Everything DiSC helps participants build key social and emotional skills, improving workplace satisfaction, results, and relationships.

Module 4: Situational Leadership
Participants will learn how to evaluate employee behavior based on levels of competence and commitment, and adjust their leadership style accordingly, taking into consideration work behavioral preferences.

Module 5: Generational Differences
This workshop explores how conflict and miscommunication can occur when multiple generations are represented in the workplace. Participants will strategize on understanding each generation’s values and differences to create a more productive and rewarding environment.

Module 6: Communication Skills
Participants will have the opportunity to experience the impact of ineffective communication and examine verbal, vocal, and non-verbal elements. The Ladder of Inference will be introduced to help participants understand how meaning is inferred from observations, resulting in conclusions that affect communication.

Module 7: Active Listening
Participants will objectively assess their listening skills and identify common barriers that prevent effective communication. This session will also provide active listening practice incorporating the use of clarifying questions and statements.

Module 8: The Pygmalion Effect
This powerful workshop highlights the impact of a leader’s expectations on performance. The model examines the four factors of climate, input, output, and feedback, and how these factors can positively or negatively affect others.

Module 9: Stress Management
Participants will learn that stress management is truly self-management. They will evaluate self-talk in difficult situations and its role in stress management. They will also identify the origins of stress and create a plan for change.

Module 10: Coaching
In this workshop, participants will gain a new perspective on their role as a coach as they prepare, deliver, and follow up on a coaching session. They will also assess their directive and supportive skills as they practice coaching and receive performance feedback.

Module 11: Problem Solving and Decision Making
This session introduces the fundamentals of root cause analysis and addresses the appropriateness of individual vs. group decision-making. The concepts of brainstorming and consensus are also explored.

Module 12: Conflict Management
Through interactive, hands-on activities, participants will readily identify common reactions to conflict. They will explore the positive effects of conflict, learn how to resolve conflict using the CALM method, and review various conflict management styles.

Module 13: Team Building (2 hours)
This workshop highlights the way a team forms and addresses the roles of members and leaders during its life cycle.  Participants identify the characteristics of a high-performing team and learn how to overcome five common dysfunctions.

Module 13:  Team Building – The Five Behaviors (8 to 24 hours)
This training program provides the framework from the book.  Teams start their journey by learning how to instill vulnerability-based trust.  They build on that trust by learning how to engage in productive conflict.  This unfiltered, constructive debate on ideas increases the team’s ability to commit to decisions and hold each other accountable.  They conclude their journey by learning how to achieve collective results.  This program is designed to address team dysfunction, improve team productivity, and help individuals learn how to work together effectively.  The training combines behavioral insights from DiSC to influence the discussions that take place within each step of the model.

Module 14: Time Management (4 to 16 hours)
Topics covered in this workshop include delegating, overcoming procrastination, goal setting, values-based decision-making, barriers to productivity, saying “no” and taking control, fielding incoming information, negotiating priorities, leading effective meetings, energy/focus/stress, service level agreements and setting expectations.

Module 15: Managing Change
This session provides participants with a hands-on change experience and an examination of reactions.  It introduces the stages of change and raises awareness about emotional responses to change. It also provides strategies to manage through these stages using The William Bridges model, which includes an ending, neutral, and beginning stage, and serves as a framework for managing oneself and others.

Module 16: Everything DiSC Agile EQ – Emotional Intelligence (4 hours)
Everything DiSC Agile EQ combines the simplicity of DiSC with an in-depth emotional intelligence (EQ) training. EQ is the ability to change behavior to match any emotional and social situation. Agility is the ability to recognize the emotional and social needs of a situation and act accordingly. Agility is necessary because different situations call for different responses.  Compared to other EQ assessments, Agile EQ doesn’t just survey a person’s EQ. Agile EQ focuses on helping individuals understand which EQ behaviors they currently know and which they need to practice. The assessment is just one piece of a comprehensive program that combines a personalized report for each individual with an engaging training program.

Module 17: Everything DiSC Management (6 hours)
Many managers are promoted to their position because they were great employees. Unfortunately, great employees don’t always make great managers. They need to develop new personal-relationship skills that might not come naturally to them. DiSC has helped millions of people develop these skills regardless of their role and title. Now there is a profile that is specific to Managers. Everything DiSC Management was designed to help managers understand themselves, their employees and their bosses.  In each section, managers will receive specific strategies on how they can communicate more effectively, delegate, coach, and manage.

Module 18: Everything DiSC Work of Leaders (6 hours)
This training focuses on understanding how your tendencies influence your effectiveness in specific leadership situations. Leaders identify their leadership strengths in three primary areas: 

  • Vision – how a leader explores ideas, tests assumptions, or exhibits boldness
  • Building Alignment – how a leader clarifies their vision, promotes, and inspires employees around an idea or strategy
  • Championing Execution – how a leader builds momentum, structures a plan or analysis, and provides feedback to ensure everything works as planned

Module 19: Review and Reflect
During this time, participants review the significance of goal setting and learn how to set S.M.A.R.T. goals for the items of importance identified throughout the course.  They create a formal action plan for continued self-development.

By customizing your Supervisor Training, your employees will gain the skills and knowledge needed to excel as a leader in today’s fast-paced and dynamic business environment. Don’t miss this opportunity to unlock your leadership potential and take your organization to new heights. Contact us today to learn more about this transformative program and start customizing your Supervisor Training solution today.

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