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Lean Enterprise


View Training ScheduleIn this workshop you will learn about the history of Lean and the principles that define Lean philosophy.  As a production team member within our simulated factory, you will experience firsthand the difference between traditional manufacturing and Lean manufacturing practices.

Participants use common Lean diagnostics to define the current state of the simulation and develop a vision for the future state.  Next, they systematically apply Lean tools to achieve the future state—improving quality, delivery and cost performance at the same time.

After completing the MRC Introduction to the Lean Enterprise workshop, participants will:

  • Understand the difference between traditional and Lean enterprises
  • Appreciate the importance of Lean culture
  • Understand how standardization provides the foundation for problem solving and continuous improvement
  • Be able to document the current state of a simulated process
  • Establish the standards that define the future state of the simulated process
  • Identify the eight “wastes” that must be eliminated to achieve the future state
  • Learn about commonly used Lean tools
  • Be able to discuss the pitfalls and success factors in Lean transformation


Participants take part in an interactive “fun for learners” course that outlines the importance of “thinking Lean” in today’s globally competitive environment.  MRC’s Lean coaches deliver an experience-based understanding of the various concepts and components of the Lean Enterprise, and participants have a chance to network with classmates from various industries in order to share improvement best practices.