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Problem Solving


View Training ScheduleThe Lean philosophy requires an organization to create and sustain a problem-solving culture.  Within these cultures, visual systems enable employees at all levels to understand the goals for all enterprise processes.  If the standard work for a given process does not achieve the expected goals, problem-solvers identify the nature of the process failure and the root cause of performance gap.

The problem-solving technique used by Lean practitioners is based upon the scientific method of problem solving made famous by E. Edward Deming.  Deming’s “PDCA” is a structured methodology that eliminates the root-cause of problems using four key steps: Plan, Do, Check, and Act.

MRC’s Problem Solving course is a one-day classroom-training event in which participants learn to:

  • Identify gaps between a process’ current state and desired state
  • Create prioritized problem statements through journalistic questioning
  • Conduct a root cause analysis to establish a hypothesis for the process failure
  • Plan and execute countermeasures to eliminate failure root causes
  • Evaluate countermeasures to prove or disprove hypotheses
  • Modify countermeasures and create new standard work


MRC’s Problem Solving course teaches these techniques through a hands-on exercise.  Participants use a standard A3-Style PDCA form to break down a problem and test potential countermeasures in a small-group setting.

This one-day workshop can be conducted at the MRC or at your facility.  An optional second day is available for onsite application at your facility or a host company facility.