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Equipto is a Tatamy, Pennsylvania-based supplier of engineered storage solutions for school, business, government, retail, and military applications. From shelving, racks, and cabinets to workbenches and secure weapons storage, Equipto designs, manufactures, and installs the highest quality storage products

“MRC successfully enabled us to reach beyond what would have been possible without their assistance.” … – Robert Ammerman, President

Equipto faced a number of challenges that arose from a common—and commonly encountered—situation. The company had enjoyed considerable success and growth, including 2015 sales that reached their highest level in quite some time. Yet the company needed to augment their in-house expertise in order to: increase the effectiveness of internal communications; identify and implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system; confirm a few assumptions they had about 2016 sales trends: and connect with individuals outside the organization who might offer objective advice and counsel.


First, MRC conducted a 12-week, six-session Leadership Training program for two distinct Equipto personnel groups. The goal was to assess the communication styles within each group and improve the ways they interacted between groups. For the ERP selection effort, MRC engaged the Delaware Valley Industrial Resource Center. DVIRC guided Equipto through the design of an assessment questionnaire and the selection of a handful of qualified candidates to help with the migration. MRC’s Walt Hoffert, meanwhile, identified MATAAC as a funding resource. Similarly, for the Voice of Customer initiative, MRC turned to WritingWorks, a third-party firm that had successfully provided primary research for MRC clients in the past. The CEO Forum, meanwhile, connected Equipto’s Bob Ammerman with an active group of more than a dozen individuals who meet regularly to discuss the challenges specific to those in that unique role.

PREP Partner Involvement
MRC involved the Mid-Atlantic Trade Adjustment Association (MATAAC) to aid with funding.


  • Leadership Training: Each individual came away with actionable communication tools, as well as knowledge of what the company was doing well/ways to better communicate with others and with different types of people.
  • ERP selection: Equipto began the installation process in July 2017, which is scheduled for completion May 2018. “It was money incredibly well spent,” Ammerman says. “The speed with which we could work through things, and the confidence we felt in the end, had real value. And the MATAAC funding was what made it possible.”
  • Voice of Customer: Equipto gathered information from current and potential customers and dealers/distributors. The company set benchmarks regarding price competitiveness, the brand’s current level of satisfaction in the marketplace, and additional data point. At present they are discussing a follow-up survey to monitor basic trendlines.
  • CEO Forum: Ammerman says his involvement has exposed him to third-party discussions on recruiting and retention, as well as granting some insight into the status of Equipto’s current drug policy. “I wish it were more often!” he adds.

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