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Precision Roll Grinders


Since 1969, Precision Roll Grinders has provided high-quality roll grinding and surface finishes. Today, more than 50 years later, the company proudly remains dedicated to providing customers with world-class service and has earned a reputation for value and excellence that extends to all four corners of the globe.

“MRC educated us on the right tools and helped us apply that knowledge to gain competitive advantage in new global markets.”
– Ed Gumina, President

As customers struggled with attrition issues, Precision Roll Grinders (“Precision”) realized that buyers were losing their institutional knowledge base. “They no longer understood the benefit we deliver when compared to our competitors,” says Precision’s President, Ed Gumina.


Precision engaged MRC for a range of training and support services, from Six Sigma training and Data Collection Support, to 5S Implementation and Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T). Their personnel also took part in MRC’s CEO, CFO, and HR forums, as well as various COVID Information webinars.

One innovative approach involved applying the GD&T and Six Sigma lessons and tools not to improve Precision’s efficiency and bottom line, but to show customers and prospects how Precision’s services could improve their own businesses.

The goal was to illustrate how they could justify money spent on Precision’s services, and with MRC’s help, the company showed that payback could range from 3-6 months to as soon as 3-6 hours, with an average of just four weeks.

“MRC educated us on the tools we needed and helped us apply them with customers across a range of markets,” Ed says. “When customers that hadn’t budgeted for our services found they would be paid back within the month, they were much more willing to make the leap.”

The new benefit calculus even improved Precision’s ability to compete globally. With metal rolls averaging 10’ long and 4’ in diameter—ranging up to 50’ x 10’—the cost of shipping rolls to Allentown for grinding added considerably to the transaction cost. Nevertheless, Precision was able to show rapid payback, with the result being new sales to a number of international markets.


• Increased domestic customer base by 10% in less than 12 months
• Increased international customer base by 500%
• Expanded international business to include four new markets on three continents

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