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Sales Training


This is a four-day developmental program for sales and business development professionals. This training is not about learning manipulative techniques and repeating canned sales lines like a robot. It’s based on the idea that sales training is a process and not an event. The training is spread out over several weeks so that sales professionals can learn a concept, apply it, and then come back and learn some more. Sales Pro training will cover every aspect of the sales process.


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About our presenter:
Our presenter is Shawn DoyleShawn Doyle, CSP, Certified Professional Speaker, Author, and Executive Life Coach. Shawn is a professional speaker trainer and author of 19 books. He is a certified speaking professional and only 3% of speakers in the world are CSP’s. He has been speaking and training for 29 years. Shawn was a sales professional at one point in his career and also a buyer, so he has a wealth of experience in selling and buying, and has trained thousands of sales people how to sell. His experience training sales professionals in the US, Canada and
the UK help Shawn bring credibility and creative real life tips and techniques to help people increase sales and revenue. He is a contributing writer for The Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Inc. The Good Men Project, Addicted2success and