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Value Stream Mapping

In their book, Lean Enterprise, Jim Womack and Daniel Jones established a set of principles necessary to transform traditional enterprise systems into Lean enterprise systems. With MRC’s assistance, manufacturers use these powerful tools to map the flow of products and services in order to “pull” appropriate waste-elimination tools into problem-solving and continuous improvement.
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A problem-solving culture requires processes that behave in predicable ways.  Standard work sets the requirements for process outputs, as well as process inputs of skill, method, material, machine, measurement and environment.  5S Workplace Organization also addresses employee ergonomic and safety issues using any enterprise process.  This methodology seeks to create a safe, clean workplace arrangement and to create a visual method for maintaining workplace organization.
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Standard Work

Standard work is the centerpiece of a Lean Enterprise as it creates process requirements and its expectations for those processes.   Standard work establishes a single method to use enterprise processes and minimizes process variation caused by people, machines, materials, and the environment, enabling predictable results.
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Setup Reduction

Every day, businesses large and small lose tremendous amounts of productivity to poorly coordinated process setups that add waste to value streams.  Setup is the time required to change the production process from the last good product produced to the first good new product produced.  Long setup times often go unnoticed, as they are not typically viewed as part of a primary process to build products.
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Total Preventative Maintenance

Manufacturing and service organizations use various types of equipment to add value to material and information in the creation of products or services.  When equipment performance is unpredictable, the ability for that process to achieve stability is diminished.  And when a process is unstable, it becomes difficult to implement improvements and proactively solve problems.  MRC’s Lean experts guide you through the process of improving equipment in order to maximize production system effectiveness (as determined by the balance of productivity, cost, throughput, and quality).
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Maintenance Excellence

If you are a newly hired maintenance manager in need of a plan forward, or a seasoned maintenance expert looking to optimize your crew’s operation, MRC’s Maintenance Excellence program is for you.  Participants will learn how to assemble a step-by-step plan to take equipment reliability to the next level.
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Problem Solving

The Lean philosophy requires an organization to create and sustain a problem-solving culture.  Within these cultures, visual systems enable employees at all levels to understand the goals for all enterprise processes.  If the standard work for a given process does not achieve the expected goals, problem-solvers identify the nature of the process failure and the root cause of performance gap. MRC’s Problem Solving course teaches these techniques through a hands-on exercise.  Participants use a standard A3-Style PDCA form to break down a problem and test potential countermeasures in a small-group setting.
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LEAN Enterprise

In this workshop you will learn about the history of Lean and the principles that define Lean philosophy.  As a production team member within our simulated factory, you will experience firsthand the difference between traditional manufacturing and Lean manufacturing practices.
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Gemba Walks

In the problem-solving culture that Lean requires, leadership must develop their ability to “see” process waste.  Gemba is a Japanese phrase that roughly translates to “where the work is done.”
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LEAN Office

The concept of Lean manufacturing is gaining acceptance beyond the shop floor.  Now, attendees can gain hands-on experience through a live simulation in a traditional office environment.
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LEAN Leadership Culture

Many companies embarking on Lean journeys soon become frustrated with Kaizen events and isolated improvement projects that yield great short-term results but lack the ability to deliver sustainable improvement.
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