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Strategic Coaching


Strategic Planning

Most businesses and their leaders exist in the day-to-day, rarely (if ever) considering where they are going, much less how they are going to get there. The Strategic Planning process begins with Market Analysis and Customer Benchmarking to validate perceived organizational strengths, scout potential market opportunities, confirm organizational strengths, and define the competitive landscape. The resulting strategic plan sets priorities and provides a roadmap with actionable steps and measurable milestones.
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Action Planning

MRC’s Action Planning coaching services are expert-led sessions that establish a baseline and support a recommended path forward to improve team deliverables and business operation.  We begin by facilitating a business action planning session that includes interactive discussion and provides strategic management support.  We follow this up with off-site analysis to summarize results and provide an actionable summary to your business.  With the summary in hand, we deliver a focused action plan to support your strategic priorities.
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CoreValue Assessment

Through a partnership with CoreValue Software, MRC gives businesses the data and tools needed to build sustainable, transferable enterprise value.  Founded in Lebanon, New Hampshire in 2012, CoreValue Software works with many Manufacturing Extension Partnership centers throughout the country to provide business valuation and improvement evaluations.
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